Faces of Collins Place


Anthony Hammel has worked along side iconic chefs, Mark Best, Alla Wolf-Tasker and George Calombaris.

Working at The Press Club, Anthony acquired the skills to produce a high level of efficiency demanded by a busy two hatted establishment. He went on to work at the Lake House in Daylesford where he formed relationships with the growers of the region which reinforced his commitment to use locally grown produce.

He then went to work at Kazukis of Daylesford under head chef Kazuki Tsuya who taught Anthony to trust his instincts with Confidence.

Now at the helm of Mark Best’s Pei Modern Bistro, Anthony is keen to let the ingredients do the talking. ‘Having had the privilege of working beside Mark Best and Matt Germanchis at Pei, I am inspired by their minimalist approach to cooking – I just love being able to strip things back to create honest, and delicious food.’

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