Melbourne Leg Vein Centre

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Melbourne Leg Vein Centre

Ground Level

Doctor owned and operated, specialising in the latest nonsurgical leg vein treatments for spider veins and varicose veins in Melbourne.

The Melbourne Leg Vein Centre was established as a specialised Medical Centre of excellence for the non-surgical treatment of leg vein problems for the Women and Men of Melbourne in 1986. Initially located in the medical suites of the Grand Hyatt it has been located at the Professional Suites of Collins Place, at the top end of Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD, since 2004.

Surface vein treatments by sclerotherapy, laser and radiofrequency are performed by experienced and qualified medical practitioners.

Ultrasound guided treatments are performed by our vascular surgeon Dr Patrick Lyons.

The Melbourne Leg Vein Centre is a QIP Accredited Medical Imaging Service and Duplex and Doppler Ultrasound scans are performed in our rooms.

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