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Prosthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry concerned with all aspects of replacing or repairing teeth with replica prosthesis such as crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures or dental implants in order to achieve optimal comfort, aesthetics and function.

A prosthodontist undergoes 3 years of advanced training at university in complex restorative dentistry, tooth replacement, the management of occlusion and tempomandibular disorders(TMD). This is in addition to their general dental qualification of 5 years. Only after this training can they then be registered and recognised as a dental specialist “Prosthodontist” by the government body AHPRA.

A maxillofacial prosthodontist also provides reconstructive services for patients with traumatic facial injuries, birth defects such as cleft palates, and patients who have undergone surgery and radiation treatment for cancer.

The dental services provided by White Light Prosthodontics encompass everything from the smallest fillings and smallest family members “Children’s Dentistry” and oral hygiene visits with our Oral health Therapist Ms Sarah Chong to complete oral reconstruction with Dr Kenny Chong including but not limited to; dental implants, crown and bridge work, occlusal treatment, aesthetic dentistry procedures, veneers, removable dentures, implant over-dentures, maxillo-facial prosthetics, sleep apnoea appliance therapy.

Diagnosis and prevention is your best investment… It is only after your oral conditions are thoroughly evaluated with your desires and expectations fully understood that a prosthodontist can intelligently plan your treatment.

A complete and thorough medical and dental history, clinical examination, diagnostic casts and radiographs are diagnostic services which help us to better understand the nature of your problems. The diagnostic services indicated for you at the time of your consultation, together with an expression of your desires and concerns will enable us to plan the most appropriate treatment alternatives available to meet your individual needs, means and desires.

Working with you and your referring dentist or specialist, your Prosthodontist will adopt a treatment plan that is holistic in approach, multi-disciplinary, understood and accepted by all involved. When doing so each treatment option will be explained to you and the benefits and cost of each outlined.

For patients diagnosed with sleep apneoa, your prosthodontist will work closely with your respiratory physician from the diagnostic phase to determine your suitability, to the provision of a sleep apneoa appliance followed by maintenance and review appointments.

Although we are a referral-based practice with the majority of our patients being referred by general dentists and other medical specialist, a referral is not necessary.

We welcome you and your family to our practice and look forward to being able to assist you further.

Before and after hour appointments can be arranged upon consultation.

Our opening hours may vary from week to week, however all calls to the rooms will be accepted and returned promptly.